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Deer and Deer Hunting Supplies and Products in Green Bay, WI

Get your hunting blinds, stands, equipment, and supplies from authorized dealers that are hunters themselves. GAT Tenor can help you select and implement the right hunting gear for the your particular hunting pursuit. Whether you are a hobby deer hunter setting up in the local woods or a passionate hunting buff our retail store has something for every hunter.

Shadow Hunter

  • 4×6 Combo-Gun, Archery/Crossbow
  • 6×6 Octagon Combo- Gun, Archery/Crossbow
  • 5×6 Octagon Combo- Gun, Archery/Crossbow
  • 6×8 Octagon Combo-Gun, Archery/Crossbow
  • TailMate Gelcore (TMSC75 CAMO)
  • Deluze Blind Chair (HCDC20)
  • Elevation Bundle Pack (EBK3001)
  • Adjustable Ladder/Platform (SH33LP)
  • 4×4 Compound Angle Bracket (E1088)
  • Lock-n-Load Anchor System (SHBAS)

360 Hunting Blinds

  • 360 XL Pro Series 7×7 Gun/Bow
  • 360 Pro Series 6×6 Gun/Bow
  • Shanty Hunter Blind 5×5 Gun/Crossbow
  • The Shooting House 6×6 Bow/Crossbow
  • 4Ft Metal Tower Extension
  • 8Ft Metal Tower Stand
  • 8ft Metal Tower Extension

360 B Hunting Blind Setup Video

Frigid Forage

  • Food Plot Seed Blends
  • Big-N-Beasty Fall Annual

Zero 4 Outdoors

  • 6×6 Combo Aluminum Base
  • 7×7 Combo Aluminum Base
  • Porch Kit
  • Shelf

Orion Hunting Products

  • 6′ x 6′ x6’6″ Hexagon (modular Hunting Blind)
  • 5Ft Stair (Steel and powder coated)
  • 10Ft Stair (Steel and Powder Coated)